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Sheepskin Boots

We have been making our Sheepskin Boots by hand since the 1970s in our own purpose built factory in Newquay, Cornwall – championing local skills and ensuring impeccable standards are maintained.

Skilled staff hand-make and check our footwear at every stage of production to ensure excellence. We make every pair of sheepskin boots to last and even offer a re-sole and repair service to give well-worn Celt boots a new lease of life. The sheepskins we use for our footwear are sourced in England, and where possible in the westcountry, using one of the last remaining UK tanneries who prepare and dye the skins to our requirements. These premium skins are a by-product of the food industry, so by choosing this fabric we ensure nothing goes to waste. There are many different finishes a skin can have, and only the toughest are used for boots. In our collection we feature boots that have a suede, nappa, aqualamb or  tornado finish, which in turn affects the look of suede and also the density and finish of the fleece.

We changed our footwear to become known as Celt Boots in 1997 and the new golden label featuring the word Celt was as before sewn on the side of the boot. We changed this label only a couple of years ago to feature instead a small Celt flag on the side of the boot, which more subtly identifies our boots amongst the many other brands that have caught onto the charms of Sheepskin Boots. If you see a pair of boots and can’t immediately find the flag, you can always spot a Celt Boot by its solid structure (and soft touch!). It doesn’t spill down over the heel like so many on the market, as all our boots are designed and manufactured by teams who know how to handle sheepskin and shape the boot expertly, using only the finest skins.

Our collection of Sheepskin Boots includes the original Celt Boot, which is styled with a black sole and a raw cut finish to the leg. Our Celt Boots are suitable for both men and women with the choice of heights and there’s also a Mini Celt version for children. It was after many years of producing these successful Celt Boots, when we introduced the Aqualamb Boot. These boots are treated with a technique that increases the water resistance of the sheepskin, however, as we have to sew a boot together, the stitch holes make the Aqualamb Boots not completely water-resistant. Long after the Aqualamb and many other styles were developed, we created our current best selling boot; the Classic Boot. Our Classic Boot features a colour-corresponding sole to complement the colour of the sheepskin boot, plus coordinating leather binding at the top of the boot. Although the Classic Boot is currently our best selling sheepskin boot, we have many styles that other customers prefer, many of whom like to add a little identity to their footwear, and very often opt to have a pretty bow or poppers to make their footwear stand out a little!